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Some information, files and entries were missing from our server on a few clients. Therefore, last night we re-copied all of the files and records that were current as of 5:00 PM EST on Friday February 19th, 2021. 

The result is that any entries you made in your system yesterday will not appear as of today. BUT DO NOT RE-ENTER THEM!  our programmers are working on a script to add all records that were entered on Monday February 22, 2021 to your system.  This may not be completed until the end of the day and it will have an affect on the ID numbers of records as pointed out by a few clients. Today your system will be accurate as off Feb 19th, 2021.

You may continue using CIS today and make entries and once we run the script the entries you made yesterday will be added to your system. If you reenter them today, you will have duplicates.

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